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CERTUM – Certification Authority was set up on December 15, 1998 as an organizational unit of Unizeto Technologies SA to provide certification services related to electronic signature. It is the oldest and the largest public certification authority in Poland, operating on a worldwide scale - rendering services to clients from several dozen countries. The company is located in Szczecin, in the Unizeto Services Center, a modern special facility providing CERTUM infrastructure and systems with a uniquely high level of electronic, mechanical and access security, as well as business continuity.

CERTUM specializes in certification services to confirm e-identity, guarantee non-repudiation, and provide reliability and security for e-documents and data protection based on digital certificates. CERTUM's offer is addressed to companies, public entities and individual clients.


Certum certificates

Product name Secures Issuance Price / Year Order
CERTUM Basic ID Certificate Email & Document Signing Minutes $7.79 Order Today
CERTUM Professional ID Certificate Email & Document Signing 1-3 days $14.34 Order Today
CERTUM Enterprise ID Certificate Email & Document Signing 1-3 days $29.29 Order Today